No meshing

Simply use triangulated CAD surfaces to simulate complex flows around complex geometry.

Unconstrained motions

Free deformations and movement of both fluid and geometry. Ideal for fluid-structure interaction.

High-performance computing

Fully parallel solving on multi-core and many-core devices: CPU, GPU, etc.

Sharp interfaces

Handles violent flows, impacts, fragmentation and surface tension of free surfaces.

Accurate physics

Mass-conservative and validated on various incompressible flows with strong gradients.


Extendable to thermal, variable density, and other flows. Name your wishes.


RHOXYZ is a Lagrangian and mesh-free general-purpose CFD solver for solving complex flows in complex domains. The fluid body evolves freely in space, interacting with freely moving and deforming bodies. Setting up the simulation completely skips the step of volumetric meshing. Everything is computed in parallel on the GPU or CPU, and free movements allow for large time steps. Appropriate for FSI, optimization studies, improving product performance and end-user experience, reducing cost and extending product life. It is applicable to various problems in marine, automobile, aerospace, civil engineering, defense, and food industries, etc.

Example applications

Aeroelasticity and fuel sloshing
Transport of liquids
Blood flow
Casting in moulds
Mixing of complex fluids

Public beta is out

With a new decade comes new turbulence in Computational Fluid Dynamics!


New feature: inlet boundaries

Arbitrary 2D and 3D inlets are possible, and imposing complex boundary conditions for the velocity and pressure as well. For now, please check out a……

Peer-reviewed application to granular flows

A paper has been published in Q1 journal Computers and Geotechnics, with title “A Lagrangian differencing dynamics method for granular flow modeling“. That’s right, we……

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