Version 2021.1 released

Rhoxyz version 2021.1

Many new enhacements come with the new version: faster 3D, syntax highlighting of the input, UI enhacements, etc. FSI features are now validated, but not deployed with this version. They will be public with the next version. We are now tackling proper surface tension models with dynamic angles, inlet boundaries, etc.

Let us know if you need any features!


  • Ability to load geometry with any number of triangles.
  • Spatial acceleration
    • Accelerated generation of boundary conditions for large meshes, improvement of >15% per time step.
    • Accelerated detection of points/walls collision for large time steps
    • Other geometrical manipulation is accelerated as well
  • Automatic initialisation of domain boundaries, based on bounds of input geometry.
  • Linear solvers are faster due to allocating solving memory only once.
  • Syntax highlighting for simulation input. Easier to write, and find errors if any.
  • Set free-slip boundary condition through boundary condition or coefficient as fluid property.
  • Fixed input and viscosity bugs for non-Newtonian models.
  • Option to render fluid points on top of the geometry, convenient for tanks/containers.
  • Slice operation shows the plane origin and normal when editing its parameters.
  • Added help about GUI, button in the application and a page on the website.