Fluid flow

  • Incompressible generalised Navier-Stokes equations
  • Fast decoupled velocity-pressure solving, i.e. split-scheme
  • Smooth and oscillation-free pressure field
  • Lagrangian-meshless advection with large time steps
  • Volume conservation at all times
  • Accurate tracking of sharp free-surface
  • Handles impacts with no or slight compressibility
  • Under-resolved DNS or laminar viscosity model
  • Automatic dynamic time-stepping
  • Non-Newtonian viscoplasticity models
  • Viscoelasticity models [testing]
  • Surface tension
  • Dynamic contact angles [w.i.p.]
  • Heat transfer [to-do]
  • Multiple fluids/phases and phase changing [to-do]
  • LES turbulence models [to-do]

Geometry & boundaries

  • Triangulated meshes as geometry (STL, OBJ, or PLY file formats)
  • Imposed motions of geometry using keyframes
  • Automatic fluid filling between boundary surfaces
  • No-slip, Navier-slip, partial slip and free-slip boundary conditions
  • Wall-functions [w.i.p.]
  • Inlet boundary conditions
  • Outlet boundary conditions [testing]
  • Symmetry boundary condition [testing]
  • Relaxation zones around open boundaries [testing]
  • Animated surface-mesh file formats (e.g. FBX) [to-do]
  • Generalized input as mathematical expressions [to-do]

Fluid-structure interaction

  • Static and dynamic 6-DOF rigid bodies
  • Domain acceleration with imposed translation and rotation
  • Coupling interface for structural solvers using preCICE
  • Explicit coupling with FEM solvers
  • Explicit coupling with DEM polyhedral solvers
  • Implicit coupling with FEM solvers [to-do]
  • Floating bodies [w.i.p.]


  • All algorithms are purely parallel
  • Accelerated GPU execution
  • Multi-core CPU execution
  • Multiple nodes execution [to-do]


  • Real-time visualisation of results
  • Setting up the simulation with UI or text editor
  • Managing simulation run-time and time-stepping
  • Monitoring residuals and forces
  • Verbose logging
  • Scalar and vector fields magnitude contour plot
  • Vector field directions
  • Cutting plane
  • Streamlines [to-do]


  • Flow results written to VTK, VTU or PLY file format
  • Pressure probes written to CSV
  • Body forces and torques written to CSV
  • Wave-height probes written to CSV
  • Object movement written to CSV