2020.4 released (3D + non-Newtonian)

You can now update automatically or download new version of Rhoxyz. Linux update is immediately available, and Windows update is coming tomorrow.

This version comes with 3D capabilities, lots of non-Newtonian models, double precision, OpenMP and CUDA options to accelerate the simulation, GUI upgrade, etc.!

If you haven’t seen, check out our initial real-time test for microgravity sloshing:

If you don’t want to check out the changelog, check out the list of main changes here:

  • Added non-Newtonian models:
    • Bingham
    • Power Law
    • Cross-Power Law
    • Bird-Carreau
    • Casson
    • Mohr-Coulumb
  • Improved stability of the implicit velocity solver for flow near free surface.
  • Added 2nd order backward differencing (BDF2) for the implicit velocity solver. Only 1st order was available until now.
  • Added initial algorithm for dynamic (automatic) time stepping.
  • The solver now runs 3D problems in real-time.
  • Added the free-slip boundary condition.
  • Made the first round of optimizations in 3D collision detection of fluid and geometry.
  • GUI is upgraded with icon labels and 3D geometry rendering.
  • 3D camera zoom bugs are fixed.

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